I am really feeling for my parents right now. I guess it’s because I’m an adult now and I’m entering “the real world” but so far it’s been a pretty shitty experience. I’ve never been so proud of my father. He has I beautiful house, 3 cars, a wife and 3 kids. He supports us all and his own family endlessly. While dealing with his mother, a recovering stroke victim, two feisty daughters in college, and a son who couldn’t care less about his grades. My dad puts up with it all and only loses his shit 50% of the time. Who could blame him. I just had a real “adult” experience where I threw away a code for an online textbook. This single price of paper with a random set of numbers and letter in it cost $100. Now that I’ve lost it, neither he bookstore, professor, or customer support could help me avoid buying a new access code. After a slight mental breakdown I kind of got over that and focused on buying the new code. To my dismay my class is no longer on the bookstores list meaning I can’t buy the book online. As frustrating as this all was, my assignments and quizzes are due in 3 days so I’m at a loss. This is my third week of college classes and I’m already the most stressed I’ve ever been in my life. I skip meals, I get little sleep, and just look forward to getting my work done so I can take a nap! Beside the difficulties effecting me right now I can’t help but think about all the money my dad is spending for this all to be happening. He’s worked his butt off (and I’d like to think I did too in high school) to get me this far and for what? To pay 200 dollars for a code? To have to pay all this money every semester for little things like textbooks, meal plans, physicals, etc. the list is endless. I don’t really know where I’m going with this anymore but I’m just very angry and frustrated. I probably sound irritating for feeling bad for myself like this but I also feel bad for everyone else who may feel this way and I especially feel bad for my parents. And that’s my rant